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I wrote this in 1992, it is interesting to see how far we have come since then....

"Back in 1962, when I bought my first ’32 Ford, I couldn’t wait to put my rebuilt ’48 flathead motor with the ¾ race Waggot cam into it. The last thing I thought about was gauges and it didn’t seem to matter than none of them worked.

Many years later when I was building my current ’32 roadster the decision regarding gauges came up right towards the end, same as most people. Fortunately there was still enough time to do things properly but rather than go the usual way, I ordered a set of Classic Instruments from USA.

I couldn’t get over how good they were and how I was able to solve the gauge problem so easily. In fact I liked them so much that in 1992 I became the Australian Distributor for Classic Instruments Inc.

I am still seeing great looking hot rods with either ordinary looking gauges or worse still, having a hodge podge mixture of salvaged bits and pieces. How many old rods have you been in where you need to multiply the speedo reading by 2.3 or something, or you have to know that the fuel gauge reads backwards? These days it is so easy to have accurate gauges that all match and that look great in your car regardless of its colour scheme or “period perfect” requirement."

Just talk to us at Classic Gauges regarding the different styles of Classics available.

Whether you need a full set, just one gauge or a new sender, we carry plenty of stock at our Sydney warehouse and offer a factory backed warranty. We can usually deliver next day by airbag to most places in the country.

You can check out the excellent range on the US site: www.classicinstruments.com

Contact us for local prices, technical information or a catalogue.

Call us on (02) 9567 6570

Or email Maurie@classicgauges.com.au

Here is an article on my roadster:  http://www.hotrodfeatures.com/Features/Feat0108.html